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Trade Shows are a great way of connecting with industry partners and customers. A company can exhibit their brand within a specific industry. They can demonstrate and showcase their latest products and services. It is the perfect opportunity to review activities of rivals and examine market trends and new opportunities.
Trade shows often involve a considerable amount of monies by a company for marketing their brand. Costs will start with the space rental. In order to stand-out and make a positive impact at the trade show, your business should be highly noticeable with your trade booth display. Add promotional, literature and perhaps giveaways to enhance the attraction for new partners and customers to visit your booth.

Graphic Design & Displays

Make your exhibit booth a traffic-stopping destination?  Trade show displays need to turn heads and attract attention at the promotional event you are at. A well thought out and designed booth oozes professionalism and is an instant attraction for industry partners and potential new customers.

At Balady Promotions we strive for the success of our clients. You breed success than we also inherit the success as well. Our experienced design and display team will help you make a huge impact at your next trade show. We will help you highlight your business in a form that is visually appealing and leaving a lasting impression to all. From powerful backdrops to eye-catching banners and displays, we have the expertise to help you standout.

Promotional Literature

Promotional literature is printed materials that are designed to promote a business or organization and/or its products and services. Printed Promotional literature is an excellent source to build awareness and to reach potential customers. It can be created as a stand-alone piece, or as a supplement within your trade show advertising.  Promotional Literature can be in the form of the following but not limited to:

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochures

At Balady our highly experienced print and design staff have the ideas to help you build awareness at your next trade show.

Promotional Product Giveaways

Personalize a bag with your logo on it along with a few fun free promotional product giveaways, of course, printed with your logo on as well.  Here a few ideas. Please visit our product search and new items to find a large assortment of great give away items.

  • 3 function solar calculator magnifier
  • Mini spiral notepads for outdoor activities
  • Silkscreened pencils made of wood
  • All in one pen with self-adhesive notepad

and many many more ideas ………

Contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to set you up with a perfect giveaway bag.

Be Distinctive & Prominent at Your Trade Show

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