The Best Marketing Gifts For Team Building

One of the most effective ways to make sure your company continues to thrive is to have a strong team. This means that you must keep your employees motivated and show them how valuable they are. Everyone enjoys getting free items, so here are some suggestions for team building that will help to improve morale.

Themis Awards

These impressive standing awards are a beautiful addition to any team member’s desk. You can present this gift to an employee who has done impressive work on a particular account, or to a team member who has been with your business the longest. The award can be customized with the company’s information, as well as any special message you’d like to extend to the recipient.

USB Gifts

A useful gift, such as a flash drive, is also a wonderful way to encourage team building. These can be given to the department or team that does the best on a new project, or to individuals who win the game you’ve created at the latest business meeting. Flash drives are a great way to organize files and ensure important documents are saved. These items can be easily transported from one workstation to another. And, you can also customize them with your company’s slogan and logo, so your team members can represent your brand everywhere they go.

Bags and Totes

A practical team building gift, such as a tote or duffel bag, is ideal for an employee who is known for organizing office events. You can choose from polyester bags that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, or choose a tote with an adjustable shoulder strap so team members can carry their gift comfortably. The bags are spacious enough to carry supplies, so you can present them to team members who represent the company at trade shows or marketing events. You can also choose from several bags made from recycled materials, and, by doing so, send the message that your company is both concerned about the environment and focused on appreciating the workers who make your business successful. 


There are also several clothing items that you can give your employees. team building. For instance, if you’re holding a contest to see who can close an account the fastest or bring in the most sales, you can present the winner with a t-shirt in warmer weather or a windbreaker for cooler weather with the company logo on it. The more appealing and stylish the items are, the more motivated your employees will be to wear them, and this can be an indirect marketing tool for your company.

Of course, there are also smaller tokens of appreciation that you can give to boost morale and motivate your employees to continue doing a great job. Mugs, pens, and calculators make great prizes at the end of a team-building exercise, especially since your employees will use them long after the meeting is over. You can even present employees with decorative items for their offices, such as game sets, clocks, and plaques, as a way to help make your team stronger.

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