Promo Gifts For Employee Rewards Programs

It’s always a good idea to reward your employees for doing a good job. Promo gifts are a great way to show your appreciation, and you can even set up a reward program so team members can receive a gift every time they complete a professional milestone. Making the reward program a well-known part of your business structure can also help with company morale, especially if your company has specific goals to meet each month or year. Choosing items that are both useful and stylish can motivate your employees to continue providing exemplary service to your organization.

Pens And Notepads
These awards are a great addition to any team member’s desk. Show your appreciation to a team member or perhaps the entire team for the great work they are doing.  Pens and notepads can be customized with the company’s information, as well as any special message you’d like to extend to the recipients. These are a great way of advertising when they bring these items outside of the office into their homes or where ever they may travel.

Umbrellas And Totes

The next level in your reward program can include giving umbrellas and totes as gifts. If your company is “green,” totes made from recycled materials make an ideal gift, and there are several colors from which to choose. Not only does the umbrella protect your team members on a rainy day or tote help your team members carry several documents or reading materials to trade shows and business meetings, it displays your logo and slogan as well.


For employees who have been with the company for a while or have made significant strides to improve your company, apparel makes a wonderful appreciation gift. At an advanced level of your reward programs, you can offer team members T-shirts or polos in your company colors. These are also great items to wear any time your employees have to attend a networking event outside the office. If your company specializes in outdoor or sports gear, or your team often attends outdoor events, a jacket or windbreaker is an ideal token of appreciation as well.

Trophies And Plaques

Team members who have been dedicated and hardworking for years will likely appreciate a plaque or award that can be displayed in their offices.These impressive standing awards are a beautiful addition to any team member’s desk. You can present this gift to an employee who has done impressive work on a particular account, or to a team member who has been with your business the longest. You can present the award at a team meeting, or have an awards ceremony to honor the employees who have made a significant impact on your company. These items also present an opportunity for you to display an update or especially modern version of your logo, and there is enough space for you to write a short message to your team member to thank him or her for the ways he or she has affected your business.

Combine these gifts as the ultimate prize for your reward programs. Include smaller items, such as mugs or flash drives, in the gift bag to present a collection of items that your team member can use daily.

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