What Can Promotional Products Be Used For?

Whether your company is new or you’ve been in business for a few years, you know the value of effective marketing. Not only do you need great promotional tactics to convince potential customers to do business with you, but you should also utilize the power of promotional products with your team members to boost morale and show your appreciation. Here are a few ways you can use some of the quality promotional products Balady has to offer.
Corporate Celebrations

If you’re having a banquet or awards dinner to celebrate the team members who have worked tirelessly to move your business forward, using promotional items such as towels representing the company and brand is a great idea. Everyone uses towels from bathroom hand towels to beach towels and for a more creative idea, how about a towel in the shape of a sports ball.  Your team members will truly appreciate the gift and remember your appreciation for their hard work.

Trade Shows

When you attend trade shows, be sure to give out promotional products to attendees. Your logo should be clearly displayed as a way to increase brand recognition, and to help the attendee to remember your company after the trade show has ended. You can also offer incentives for attendees. As an example, you could hold a drawing for a quality promotional item, such as an apron or chef’s coat. You could also give a marketing gift to the person who has mentioned your company the most on social media.


Motivate your employees by having a giveaway that includes practical promotional products that they can use outside the office. Apparel for an upcoming corporate trip or items that hold food or beverages can serve as the incentive your team members need to raise funds for a particular cause or finish a huge project in a timely manner. Marketing items that feature your professional logo will also give team members a sense of pride in their workplace and could serve as an indirect marketing tool to the family and friends of your employees.

Customer Retention

Free items are one of the best ways to draw customers in and keep them coming back. This is especially the case when you take the time to meet customers’ needs and listen to their feedback. For instance, if families make up the majority of your customer base, you can offer promotional back-to-school items for kids that will make shopping a little easier for parents. Marketing items that appeal to college students can also serve as an effective way to keep your young consumers interested. If you provide services for a restaurant, offer free aprons for the staff or menu covers once you’ve been doing business with the organization for some time. These small gestures of appreciation let your customers know that you value them.

At Balady Promotions we provide a large variety of promotional products. Take a look through our inventory of promotional and marketing products to find the items that best represent your business and that you are interested in. These items can play a large part in improving the reputation of your company.

Utilize the Power of Promotional Products


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