Printing Services And Promo Materials

If you’re getting ready to attend a trade show or marketing event, you’ll likely need printing services to ensure that all your promotional materials look their best. Whether you’re displaying a sign at your booth or want to impress attendees with smaller marketing materials, professional graphics are important. If you’re not sure what to include at your next networking event, here are some helpful suggestions.


You can use printing services to create posters from premium paper. Once you decide where you’d like your logo to go, you can also select the right paper finish to make the poster stand out, as well as a color scheme that will make the marketing material stylish and visually appealing. If there is information on the poster that you’d like attendees to have, the printing service can create perforated sheets with the same information on them. These can serve as mini-posters, save-the-date cards or business cards that will inform potential customers of your services.


Magnets are a great promo gift for a marketing event. Because there are a wide variety of ways to use them from magnetic scratch pads, magnets for both the car and refrigerator as well as making them safe for the outdoors, with your logo on it, your brand will be noticed all of the time. Printing services can recreate your logo in a high-quality format, so it’s easy to recognize, no matter what size and shape the magnet is.

Booklets, Brochures, Catalogs

These are an impressive way to let potential customers know about all the great things your business has to offer. You can even include stories and articles featuring your team members as a way to make your business more approachable and relatable. Of course, these publications do not need to be long if you’re handing them out at a trade show. You can also create monthly and quarterly editions that you send to loyal customers who want to know more about your company. Printing services come in handy here because you want these printed items to look as professional as possible. It’s also a good idea to include coupons and discount codes so loyal customers can receive savings and perks for their dedication to your business.

Door Hangers

Door hangers can serve as a practical marketing tool if you’re in the hospitality industry since these are often used at hotels. The items also come in handy if you’re having a meeting and want others to know that the session is private. Door hangers can display your company’s logo, and you can also partner with other businesses you’ve worked within the past to offer savings to customers. If your company does door-to-door selling, the hangers can also serve to let potential customers know you have stopped by. Be sure to have all your contact information listed, so it is easy for consumers to reach you.

If you’re not sure which printing services you’ll need, contact Balady Promotions. We can help you put together marketing materials that will make your business stand out.

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