Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Do you have quality products and services that you’re known for?  You will need to package these items correctly in order for your company’s reputation to stay intact. Whether you’re getting ready for a trade show or have an order to send out, these packaging solutions will help maintain the great impression consumers have of your company.

Customized High-Gloss Boxes

These boxes are great for displaying your logo and your product.  You can showcase quality photos on the box that speaks to the nature of your business. For instance, if your business is geared towards women’s products, pictures of women relaxing with your aromatherapy products or showing confidence in the workplace while wearing one of your clothing items will give the box more aesthetic appeal. These boxes can be custom die cut and are great for any event.  Packaging solutions can also include a marketing message for your customers that could create excitement about using your products and make your customers feel that they are appreciated by your company.

In-Office Packaging

You’ll also need packaging solutions for your office, although the materials used for the boxes don’t have to be as sturdy as the ones you send in the mail. Small boxes that can hold office supplies and are decorated with your logo, as well as tissue boxes and even posters with built-in stands, can serve as promotional tools that will grab the attention of customers while reinforcing brand recognition among your employees. There are even containers that are made to hold office refreshments, such as cookies or cupcakes, and these could come in handy during business meetings, especially if you’re hosting guests from other companies or are meeting with potential clients.

Display Boxes

If you have your items at a retail location, or you sell items from your office, display boxes offer packaging solutions that will show your customers that you’re professional and organized. Be sure that you have an easy-to-see logo on the top of the display, and design the box so your company’s colors and logo are displayed on the front. There are several box styles available, so you can find the display solution that has just enough space for your items.

T-Shirt Boxes

Finally, don’t forget to check out the packaging solutions that are available if you are sending T-shirts. There are special boxes for the shirts to reduce wrinkling and ensure your logo is clearly displayed when the box is opened. These boxes are ideal for mailing, but can also be given to team members in person. Of course, the box can also be customized with your logo and company colors.

Box Packs

If you make products in bulk or are sending a prescription order, boxes that come in a dozen or half-dozen are a great way to send items to customers in a way that is both uniform and colorful. You should include your logo on each box, and you can even include a short description of each item on the box or on an insert that the customer will see when he or she opens it.

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