Online Branded Stores / What You Need To Know

If the majority of your business is done online, your online branded stores should be just as attractive and interactive as if customers were speaking with you face-to-face. All your marketing materials should stand out, and you should make sure all your logos and slogans are uniform. It’s also a good idea to have features on your website that allow customers to learn more about who you are, such as videos and chat, so that consumers can get to know you in real time. Of course, you’ll also need to have a design scheme for the physical items that you send to customers so that your brand is more approachable. Below we list a few ideas for products to advertise your online store.

Gift Cards

While we can design virtual gift cards for your customers who prefer to shop online, you can also send physical gift cards to your customers with a code they can enter online. These gift cards can also be presented as gifts. The cards should look the same as the ones people see online, with your logo and vivid hues to make your branding uniform. You can also include a short message on the card to thank customers for their business.

Membership Cards

If you have both online and storefront locations, a loyalty or membership key card is ideal for your online branded stores. The cards should have a refined and professional look to them, and all your contact information should be included on the card. Even if your store is mainly online, some customers will appreciate having something tangible they can use to make purchases.

Monitor Magnet

A magnet that fits onto your computer’s monitor is a great way to instill your marketing message in the minds of team members and clients. Online branded stores sometimes have to take different approaches when it comes to promotion. This could be a way to make sure people remember your business even when their computers are off or idle and possibly ensure they will refer to your company when they need the products you have to offer

Marketing Banners

If you’re shooting a video that will go on your website or your live streaming at a trade show, marketing banners are a must for online branded stores. Brand recognition is very important, and if your store doesn’t have a physical storefront, you have to rely on the Internet to make sure people get the right messages about your business. Choose colors for the banner that will stand out on camera, and select the best version of your logo for all your banners, so people will see your company as polished and professional.

Keep in mind that you can use a combination of these materials to ensure that your online store is one of the best in the business. If you update your logo or slogan, be sure that you update all your marketing materials, including your website pages so you’re always making the right impression when clients visit your store and browse your products and services.

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Make Your Online Branded Store Attractive and Interactive

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