The Fulfillment Process

At Balady Promotions we are a complete fulfillment center.  Our services begin with the ability to create complete comprehensive customer communication followed by filling the order, packing it and shipping it in a professional timely manner.

Having loyal customers is an integral part of running a successful business. When orders are successfully fulfilled and your company is thriving because consumers are consistently purchasing your products, showing your gratitude is an effective business practice. It’s also a good idea to present promotional gifts to the staff members who helped to make the order fulfillment process easier. Being a successful company we would like to share a few gift ideas with you.

Cutting Boards

A decorative cutting board is an attractive gift for customers who have been purchasing items or bringing you repeat business. A board that is made from bamboo is ideal since this material is stronger than maple and will keep knives sharp. There is even space for you to have your logo carved onto it, which promotes brand recognition. Because of the aesthetic appeal of the cutting board, it can be used as a kitchen utensil, or simply as a display item. This is an ideal promo gift if your company sells edible inventory or kitchenware, or simply as a present to a customer who has been patronizing your business for a significant amount of time.


Another item that could be used as a gift for order fulfillment is a  set of glasses that would be perfect for proposing a toast. These glasses hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite beverage, and your logo can be engraved in the center of the glass. Whether you want to give the gifts to an employee who has made great strides in the sales department, or you want to show a long-term patron your gratitude, the glasses are a classy way to do so. You can also fill the glasses with candies or mints before presenting them, which would only make the gift extra special.

Fitness Accessories

If your business is known for providing health and wellness items to customers, fitness accessories can also serve as gifts for order fulfillment. Fitness towels, which feature your company’s slogan and logo, make useful gifts that your customers will enjoy, and you can further customize the towels with the colors of your company. There are also a number of water bottles from which to choose. These items have become more popular in the workplace, since employees are beginning to drink more water and consume healthy beverages, and finding high-sugar drinks, such as soda, less desirable. There are also temperature-controlled bottles to choose from, so you can present these gifts to employees who like to enjoy coffee or tea while at the office.

For employees who have done an outstanding job or customers who patronize your business on a regular basis, you can also offer fitness monitors. These devices are the size of a watch and help users track how many steps they’ve taken in the course of a day. Some devices also monitor heart rates.

At Balady Promotions our expert representatives can help you select the perfect items that are keeping in line with your business goals and the character of your company. It is important to boost your reputation with both customers and employees.

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