Finding the Right Promotional Items for Corporate Meetings

Whether you’re preparing for an important meeting with your team members, hosting professionals from your corporate offices, or meeting with a potential business partner, you’ll want everything to be in order. This means ensuring that the meeting space is clean and presentable and, possibly, hiring a catering service. However, you’ll also want to provide some marketing items for those who will be attending corporate meetings. Even though the people you’re meeting with are likely very familiar with your brand, it doesn’t hurt to hand out a few items that will make your company even more impressive.


These beverage containers are perfect to have on hand for corporate meetings. Tumblers are great for colleagues who like to drink coffee or water throughout the day but want to be eco-friendly. When you present these gifts, you’ll also be sending the message that your company cares about the environment. Tumblers are available in several colors and styles, and you can decorate them with your company’s logo or slogan to deepen the positive impression of your company.

Pens and Sticky Notes

Even in the age of technology, some team members may still prefer to take traditional notes during corporate meetings. That’s when the promotional pens you’ve purchased come in handy. You can choose from pens with your business colors on top with a gunmetal finish to ones that serve as pointers for touchscreen devices. Hand these out at the beginning of your meeting to ensure that your team members will be writing with a utensil from your company throughout the day.

Sticky notes are another great way to help team members write reminders to themselves or take short notes throughout the meeting. Choose small sticky notepads with paper that matches your corporate colors, and include your logo and contact information to make the promotional gifts look even more professional.


Earbuds are great if you’ll be showing several presentations or breaking your team members into groups to work on projects throughout a seminar or meeting. They also serve as another way to promote your business and are a practical gift to present to professionals from other companies to boost brand recognition. You can choose from a variety of colors to ensure that they are consistent with the rest of your promotional gifts. Many of our earbuds also come with shirt clips to keep them in place while you’re listening to important presentations or videos.


Mugs are traditional promotional gifts, but they still work well when it comes to corporate meetings. You can set the mugs up at the table where the meeting will be so that colleagues can fill the mugs with coffee or tea during the seminar, or you can fill the mugs with candy or other small promotional items and give them to your team members as parting gifts. Choose colors that will make them stand out; mugs that have a bright interior color are also visually appealing.

At Balady Promotions we have a wide variety of promotional items even beyond the few we specified for you to choose from. We can provide you with the many options we have in our inventory that would be perfect as giveaways at your next corporate meeting.

Contact us. One of our promotional products representatives will be happy to assist you.

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