Finding the Right Branded Apparel for Your Company

One of the most attractive marketing gifts you can present to team members and customers is branded apparel. The clothing and accessories can be worn at corporate events and trade shows, and you can offer apparel to your employees as prizes or gifts for a job well done. Here are a few suggestions when you’re looking for branded apparel that is in keeping with the theme of your company.

Sweatshirts and Jackets

These types of apparel definitely come in handy if you and your team will be outside often. If you’re attending an event outdoors in cool weather, or your company is known for products that can be used in nature, sweatshirts and jackets are ideal. These garments give your employees a uniform look when you’re promoting your products and services, which can boost your reputation in the eyes of consumers. If your business has a fun and outgoing feel, a large logo in the center of the sweatshirt or a neon version of your logo on one side of the jacket will make the apparel more appealing. For a more conservative look, choose neutral colors and a smaller logo size, so that the clothing is both polished and casual. Of course, if you’d rather go with a more dressier look, there are also polo shirts available for you to display your logo in a variety of colors.

Cherokee Blazers

Cherokee blazers are perfect for a medical setting. When all your pharmaceutical staff is dressed in a uniform that is both approachable and presentable, this can make a good impression on your patients. The blazers have a professional look, but they’re open, so each staff member can dress in the professional attire that speaks to his or her personal style, while still wearing a uniform. You can also have the blazers embroidered to feature the name of your practice, as well as the names of your team members.

Caps and Hats

This branded apparel is great for casual corporate outings, such as a trip to the golf course or the annual baseball game. You can come up with a more visually appealing logo for the baseball caps so that it will stand out. Of course, matching T-shirts will also help your employees’ casual attire be seen. You can choose from a variety of colors, and there are also a few designs you can explore that will allow you to create marketing apparel that fits your company’s aesthetics.

Socks and Gloves

When you are looking for branded apparel that will keep your employees and consumers thinking about your product, consider fashion socks and gloves. There is a large variety to choose from such as athletic, footy tread, stretch, wool and dress for both adults and children. These items are different and unique and are sure to make a definite statement. Personalizing with a logo will make your brand recognizable and certainly not forgettable. These are not only out of the norm gifts, they are fun and will definitely get attention.

Presenting your customers and employees with apparel that is both practical and properly branded can help you to establish your client base while boosting office morale.

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