Joanne Balady


Joanne founded Balady Promotions in 1989, having started in the Promotional Products Industry in 1982 as a Program Administrator responsible for the Pepsi Cola Account. She sincerely enjoys the creative aspects of the industry and has combined that with her entrepreneurial spirit to create an organization that is truly customer focused, competitive and enduring. Joanne maintains lasting relationships with her clients and has a deep appreciation for the loyalty and commitment that has developed between Balady and its clientele. She continues to lead the growth at Balady Promotions through her strategic partnerships with vendors and clients who also understand and appreciate the incredible impact that promotional products and well executed programs have on the success of companies worldwide.

Joanne has an MBA in Finance from Rutgers University and is a member of the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization. She enjoys time with her family, networking with colleagues and peers, participating in trade shows, theater, singing in the shower, and walking, especially on the beach.


Loren Balady
Creative Director

Jenya Lyubimov
Accounting Manager

Jennifer Hannan
Account Executive

Don Miller
Print & Production

Raquel Olaya
Account Executive

Mark Viegas
Web & Graphic Designer

Our Team is Dynamic and All Share the Same Passion

Our creative solutions impact your world in fun and engaging ways through promotional products, creative services , brand solutions, fullfillment and distribution.  

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